Expert Mode

Application mode with additional features

In expert mode, users can:

  • Add an additional multiplier to each axis' speed.

  • Adjust the number of seconds the application takes to accelerate.

  • Adjust the diameter the application can automatically stop at.

Expert Mode is enabled through a setting in the file RapidWax.WPF.dll.config which should be located in the same directory as the application's executable file.

Axis Multipliers

Axis multipliers can be added via the Actual Tensions window in expert mode. Next to each axis, there is a button with a pencil icon that can be clicked to reveal the multiplier adjustment window. In that window, two increment buttons increase or decrease the multiplier by the step size selected in the combo box. The rewinder does not have an adjustable multiplier.

Hamburger Menu

Reset Multipliers

The user may reset all of the axis multipliers to 1.0.

Adjusting Seconds to Accelerate

The user can increase or decrease the number of seconds the application takes to accelerate. The minimum value the user can set is 0.5 seconds.

Adjusting Stopping Diameter

The user can enable an automatic stop once the roll of paper reaches a certain diameter. They may also increase or decrease the stopping diameter.

Enabling Expert Mode

The steps to enable expert mode are as follows:

  1. Close the RapidWax application.

  2. Locate the file RapidWax.WPF.dll.config in the same directory where the executable RapidWax.WPF.exe is located.

  3. Find the setting labelled EXPERT_MODE within the configuration file.

  4. Change the value from "False" to "True".

  5. Start the application.

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