Getting Started With a Demo Kit

Connect Hardware

1.0 Plug in Industrial PC.
Note which Ethernet ports are dedicated for EtherCAT vs Internet
1.2 Connect the EtherCAT port from the Industrial PC to the EtherCAT Motion Bus In Port on the Demo Unit.
2.0 Start Visual Studio
2.1 Open the C# or C++ Sample Application Solution
3.0 Select a Sample Application you would like to run an run it
3.1 Right click the Solution in the Solution Explorer and select Properties.
3.2 Select the desired Sample app from the drop down menu.
3.3 Start the application.
3.1 Un-comment the Sample application you would like to run
3.2 Start the application.
This quick start tutorial for the Demo Unit Kit skips many setup steps as they have already been done on the PCs that ship with our Demo Units. Visit Getting Started for a comprehensive setup guide.