b. RMP Installation (RapidCode API)

RDK = RMP Development Kit.
If you have not yet installed INtime or do not have a google account connected to your RSI account please go back to the previous steps.

(3.1) Download the RDK Installer

3.1.1 - Download RMP (Contact RSI for latest link at [email protected])
3.1.2 - Open (double click) the downloaded file.
3.1.3 - Run the file.
3.1.4 - Click Next.
3.1.5 - Accept Licence Agreement and click Next.
3.1.6 - Click Next. (x.x.x represents the version number of the RMP you are downloading)
3.1.7 - Install the RMP.
3.1.8 - Some pop-ups may appear. Allow the app to make changes to your device/computer.
3.1.9 - Click Finish.
If everything was successful you should be able to launch the RapidSetup application.
Please continue to the next step: 4. Licencing