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HMI Control Panel

Log in Screen

  • When power is applied to the HMI Control Panel the Log-In screen will appear.
  • The Log-In screen keypad has two access levels.
    • Admin – Has access to everything.
    • Operator – Has access to the Overview, Maintenance & Motion Screens.

Overview Screen

  • The Overview screen provides current status and operation of the wash-down system. The following can be used as a guide the Overview Screen layout.
  • Faults/Message: Ready only status of each wash-down system
  • Running: Running/stopped/paused
  • Water Valve: Open/Closed
  • Operating Mode: Local/Remote/Auto_PLC
  • Loaded Sequence: Current running sequence
  • Elevation: Current Elevation Position in Degrees
  • Rotation: Current Rotation Position in Degrees
  • Home: Home command runs wash-down system to reference Elevation/Rotation axis to zero degrees
  • Park: Predefined position to place wash-down system when wash sequence is completed
  • Stop Sequence: Stop sequence o selected wash-down system
  • Pause Sequence: Pauses sequence of selected system
  • Start Wash-Sequence: Starts sequence of selected wash-down system.
  • Home All: Home the Elevation/Rotation axis of all three systems
  • Park All: Park all three systems to predefined position
  • Stop All Sequences: Stop sequence of all three systems
  • Pause All Sequences: Pauses sequence of all three systems

Pattern Screen

  • The Pattern Screen allows the user to create custom wash-down patterns for virtually any object that requires wash-down.
  • Typical pattern profiles are shown and can be used to define a new user pattern by duplicating and modifying the data.
  • The patterns have four connected lines or arcs that can be defined and modified.
  • The predefined profiles allow any type of pattern to be generated by the operator for use in their wash-down application.
  • The Pattern Screen allows the operator to enter data directly to define the patterns or can use the arrows to move the wash-down system and define the pattern in a Teach and Learn method.

Sequence Screen

  • The Sequence Screen allows the operator to define a sequence using the custom patterns developed from the Pattern Screen.
  • Each sequence will be stored in its own file and handled entirely on the file system.
  • The Sequence Screen also allows the operator to use Time Delays, Speed, Park, and Go To statements to create rather intricate sequences.
  • Moreover, by using multiple Go To statements provides the ability to define a sequence without actually using a pattern.

Setup Screen w/ On Screen Keyboard

  • The Setup Screen is used to setup the wash-down system and I/O configuration for assigned Beckoff I/O modules.
  • This screen is for experienced users and any changes could have undesirable effects on operation of the wash-down system.
  • In order to access this screen the operator must have Admin level access through the Log-On screen.

I/O Screen

  • The Slice I/O Screen displays the status of the assigned I/O and is useful during maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • The operator uses the Setup Screen to define the I/O and assign predefined labels (CCW, CW, Up, Down, etc…)

Maintenance Screen

  • The Maintenance Screen has Operator Access.
  • Through this screen the operator can change the following:
    • Auto/Local/Auto_PLC
    • Turn Water Valves On/Off
    • Home/Park
    • Enable/Abort
    • Jog
    • Home All Monitors
    • Park All Monitors
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