RapidCut is an application used to control the paper cutting process.

An easy to use software for a cutting applications with high precision (real-time)

  • It runs 6 axes with their specified gears ratios.
  • It will cut paper in set dimension, counts the paper stacks (book) and change paper route according to a set book count.
  • It allows you to jog any combination of the axes for initial setup.
  • It can be switch between Panel mode: controlled by physical key switches, and HMI: controlled by touch screen.
  • Moreover, it also allows you to configure paper/sheet size, punch offset, paper route and save them as a recipe.

Top Bar

  • Save Button allows you to save the recipe of sheet size and sheet counts per stack.
  • Load Button allows you to load the previously saved recipe.
  • STATUS represents a current state of program. (eg. Moving, Jogging, Error and etc.)

Bottom Bar

  • CLEAR FAULTS Button clears drive faults in current state.
  • STOP Button stops and aborts all motors. (slow down motor and stop)
  • E-STOP Button Estop and aborts all motors. (quick stop/ immediate stop)

Hamburger Menu

  • Check For Updates checks new version has been updated in the cloud. (If new version exists, clicks "OK". It will download new version, replace the old one with a new one and starts new application automatically. )
  • Exit Application allows you to exit Application.
  • Version represents Application's current version number
Last modified 3yr ago