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b. RMP Installation (RapidCode API)

If you have not yet installed INtime or do not have an email account connected to your RSI account please go back to the previous steps.
RDK = RMP Development Kit.

🔹 Step 1 - Download the RDK Installer

1 - Download RMP (Contact RSI for the latest link at [email protected])
1.2 - Open (double-click) the downloaded file.
MSI (Installer) File
1.3 - Run the file. (only if windows popup shows)
1.4 - Click Next.
1.5 - Read the License Agreement and if you accept it click Next
1.6 - Click Next (x.x.x represents the version number of the RMP you are downloading)
1.7 - Install the RMP
1.8 - Some pop-ups may appear. Allow the app to make changes to your device/computer
1.9 - Click Finish
If everything is successful you should be able to launch the RapidSetup application.
Please continue to the next step: 4. Licencing​
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