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1. Registration

Customer portal registration
To download the RMP (Motion Controller) license and/or the RMP SDK using the RSI customer portal you will need to:

1. Get your email approved by RSI

Please email us the email address you would like to use for login at: [email protected]
RSI will add the licenses to the customer/license portal based on the email address provided/shared and the purchase order.

2. Sign in to the RSI Customer Portal with your email

If your email account is powered by either Google or Microsoft, then you can quickly sign in by clicking their corresponding branded "Sign in with your social account" button.
Else, you can sign in with any email address by registering through the "Sign up now" link first.
Customer/License Portal Sign-in Screen

🆘 Need Support?

The best way to get technical support is to use our community forum. Here you can ask a question any questions you may have and the engineer most knowledgeable on the topic will get back to you promptly. You can also see browse other customers' questions to see if the answer is already out there. Community - A forum made to support our RSI products. If you need to ask your question in a non-public setting you can also email us at [email protected]
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