Motion Scope

What is Motion Scope?

Motion Scope plots and traces I/O signal data from the motion controller. It is similar in its presentation to an oscilloscope, and provides a utility for checking and troubleshooting motion control systems. It is a purely "passive," read-only utility, with no ability to write data, or control motion. Combined with the Motion Console and VM3 utilities, Motion Scope serves as the system designer's eyes while working with the XMP motion control system. Motion Scope can also be used in conjunction with the designer's motion control application.

Basic Tutorial

1. Open Motion Scope

1.1 - Run RapidSetup. Then go to Tools > Motion Scope.

1.2 - You should be seeing this screen:

2. Configure your Motion Scope

2.1 - Click on Traces.

2.2 - You should be seeing this screen:

2.3 - Select the attribute(s) that you would like to include in your scope and Add==> them to the “Trace Set for Pane” section.

2.4 - Click OK to save.

2.5 - Click on Trigger.

2.6 - You should be seeing this screen:

2.7 - Select your Start Condition (Determines when to start recording) and End Condition (Determines when to stop recording).

2.8 - Finally, click Arm and start motion.

For more in depth information on Motion Scope click here.