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RMP and Industrial Automation Terms.


  • EtherCAT®: Ethernet for Control Automation Technology (EtherCAT) was developed by Beckhoff. It’s based on the CANopen protocol and on Ethernet but differs from internet communication or network communications in being specifically optimized for industrial automation control. (Learn more here)


  • RapidCode: this the RMP's API. It allows developers to quickly create EtherCAT machine control applications in C++, C#, VB.Net, or Steeplechase VLC. RapidCode provides a powerful, yet easy to use interface for EtherCAT motion controllers, servo/stepper drives and I/O nodes.
  • RMP: Rapid Motion Processor (RMP) is our product code for the RDK (Rapid Development Kit) as a whole. It includes the RapidCode API, RapidSetup Tool, and some other software tools.


  • SynqNet®: our old motion controller that offers maximum servo performance and flexibility for demanding motion systems. OEMs can use MechaWare® and Bode Tool™ to implement perfect-fit control solutions using “off-the-shelf” hardware. The SynqNet network provides the convenience and low cost of 100BaseT cabling with the benefits of real-time determinism. (Learn more here)
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