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  • Select RSI Folder allows you to select the directory which contains all the RapidCode files: RSI.dll, rsi.lic, etc.
  • Open RSI Folder allows you to open the directory which contains all the RapidCode files: RSI.dll, rsi.lic, etc.
  • Save Memory Dump to File allows you to save your RMP controller's memory to a file. Use DumpDiff.exe to compare memory dumps.
  • Exit will close the RapidSetup application.


  • Refresh will allow you to initialize the RMP MotionController and refresh the view of RapidSetup.
  • Software Exception Messages will open the error message window.
  • Show Network Timing will open a GUI that you can use to measure network packet timing.
  • Expert Mode enables multiple different fields within RapidSetup such as:
    • Tuning Tab on Axis Page
    • Start Network to Preoperational Button on RMP MotionController Page
    • Setting Command Position and Origin Position on Axis Page
    • Opening RSI Folder on File menu item


  • VM3 is a GUI designed for advanced users to view RMP firmware memory directly.
  • MotionScope is a GUI that allows you to record and display up to 32 traces.
  • Network Data is a RapidSetup window that allows you to obsersve the exchanged network PDO inputs and outputs.
  • RapidWorkbench is a GUI created by Kollmorgen to configure their AKD drives.


  • Start allows you to start your INtime nodeA/nic connection.
  • Stop allows you to stop your INtime nodeA/nic connection.
  • Restart allows you to restart your INtime nodeA/nic connection.


  • Documentation will open our RapidSetup online user manual.
  • Send us an email will allow you to contact us for any questions or concerns.
Last modified 3yr ago