G-Code UI

For more information on G-Code check the G-Code Topic
The G-Code tab allows for running G-Code, editing G-Code, 3D rendering, real time axis values, and Jogging.

Getting Started

First add 6 axes to a MultiAxis object in the Setup tab . If your device does not have 6 axes you will need to use Phantom axes. These axes should be added in the order of X, Y, Z, A, B, C. If your machine has a prime or redundant axis you will need to set up electronic gearing. In such cases, it is recommended that you set up two MultiAxis objects (One for propagating faults to all axes, one for G-Code)
Adding Axes for the main G-Code MultiAxis object and another for propagating faults
Remember to clear faults and enable on the MultiAxis object with all of the axes
Clearing all faults works on the MultiAxis object with all of the Axes
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