Learn how to use RapidSetup

🔹 Starting the Network

Get your RMP motion controller and EtherCAT network up and running.


  1. Discover the nodes on the network.

  2. Make sure a valid ENI file has been created.

  3. Start the Network.

🔹 Reading Tooltips

Use RapidSetup tooltips to learn more about our RapidCode API.


  1. Hover over desired field


  • Labels display RapidCode API getters in most cases.

  • Textboxes display RapidCode API setters in most cases.

  • Read-Only Textboxes will vary or not display anything.

  • Buttons display RapidCode API actions/functions in most cases.

We say "in most cases" because some fields might not be related to our RapidCode API.

🔹 Renaming Tree View Items

Use this functionality to give a better name to some of your tree view items.


  1. Right click an Axis, IO, or MultiAxis tree view item.

  2. Select "Rename" from context menu.

  3. Click inside the TextBox.

  4. Edit the name.

  5. Click enter or loose focus to save.


  • Labels have a maximum of 16 characters.

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