Page: Network Data

Observe what type of information is being exchanged cyclically by the EtherCAT Master.

For PDO technical documentation visit here.

Every PDO Entry will have:

  • Index PDO Entry identifier assigned by our RMP. (Refer to this page to see how you can use indexes to access PDO information)

  • Name represents the name used to identify the PDO.

  • BitSize represents the size of the PDO.

  • BitOffset represents the location within the data gram.

  • Value represents the value that the PDO carries.

PDO Outputs also have:

  • Override Checkbox if checked, the override value will be cyclically passed to your output address/PDO. If unchecked, you can let our RMP pass the default value.

  • Override Value is the value that gets sent cyclically to the PDO if and only if the Override Checkbox is checked.

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