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Page: User Limits

Configure and observe User Limits.
User Limits Screen
Note: User Limits can be created via RapidCode (API) calls or using RapidSetup (Tool) by navigating to the controller screen and setting the desired User Limit Count.


Existing User Limits.
  • # shows the user limit index in the motion controller.
  • STATE shows if the specific User Limit is triggered (HIGH) or not triggered (LOW).
  • ENABLED shows if the specific User Limit is enabled and processed in real-time by the RMP or not . (if not enabled then user limit will never trigger)


Setup your User Limit.
  • Single-Shot If true, the User Limit will be disabled after it triggers one time. The default behavior is false which means it will retrigger whenever conditions are met.
  • Enable Output Returns true if the user limit output is enabled.
  • Trigger Type Single, And, OR logic will be used
  • Duration The time delay (in seconds) before the action is executed after the User Limit has been triggered. The resolution of the duration is sample periods (default is 1ms).
  • Action Axis Number Select the axis that the action (defined above) will occur on.
  • Action The action to be taken. Options include: Axis ESTOP, Axis STOP, Axis ABORT, Digital Output State Change, Proportional Gain Change, Monitor Different Variables


Define your condition(s) that will trigger the User Limit.


Trigger an output on User Limit active

Set & Enable

Turn your User Limit ON or OFF
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