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What is RapidWorkbench?

RapidWorkbench is a utility that emulates Kollmorgen's Workbench tool, which allows a user to alter the parameters of the AKD servo drive.
One advantage of RapidWorkbench is the ability to connect to the AKD drive using a standard EtherCAT connection instead of a service port (X11). Once the drive is detected in RapidWorkbench, a user can configure drive settings such as maximum motor current, encoder resolution, I/O scaling, etc.
Customers using Kollmorgen’s Workbench software will still need to connect to the drive using the X11 connector.


1. Extract Files

1.1 - Navigate to your RMP folder. (Ex: C:\RSI\10.3.6 your version might be different)
1.2 - Locate the file and click "Extract all".

2. Open & Configure RapidWorkbench

2.1 - Run RapidSetup. Then go to Tools > RapidWorkbench for AKD.
2.2 - You will be seeing an error like this:
2.3 - Click OK.
2.4 - File Explorer should opened in the
2.5 - Click Extract All.
2.6 - A window similar to the below one should open.
Delete “RapidWorkbench” from the path above, then click Extract. (Note: your RMP version might not be 7.2.6, go to your version folder)
2.7 - Wait for files to transfer 100%.
2.8 - Open RapidWorkbench again. Go to Tools > RapidWorkbench for AKD.
2.9 - Some pop-ups may appear. Allow the app to make changes to your device/computer.
2.10 - RapidWorkbench will open.
2.11 - Now, if you are connected to any axes through your AKD drive. Select an Axis. (Note: make sure the RapidSetup network is OPERATIONAL)
To learn how to use Workbench click here. Then go to the “Using Workbench” section on page 49.

Last modified 1yr ago