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Hardware Limits

What are Hardware Limits?

Hardware Limits help keep your motors running safely. They can be set and adjusted by your application, either through RapidCode (as demonstrated in the sample app below) or through RapidSetup. (directly below)

Hardware Limits Overview

There are four configurations available for a motor’s positive and negative hardware limit inputs:
Type of Configuration
1. Trigger State
Indicates the trigger polarity, such as ACTIVE_HIGH or ACTIVE_LOW.
2. Action
Includes actions such as RSIActionE_STOP, RSIActionNONE, etc. (see all actions here)
3. Duration
Indicates how long the limit condition must exist for the event to occur.
These configurations can be found and configured under the “Limits and Actions” tab in RapidSetup, as shown below.
Last modified 11mo ago