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Stopping Rates

What are Stopping Rates?

Stopping rates dictate how quickly your motor/axis stops spinning when a STOP or ESTOP command is issued.
The stopping time that is used will be from the object (Axis or MultiAxis) that started the active motion, NOT the object that commanded the stop.
For example:
If a MultiAxis motion is in progress, the stopping time will be determined by MultiAxis::StopTimeSet() and the invidual Axis::StopTimeSet() values will be ignored.

Stopping Rates

When a STOP or ESTOP command is issued, the motion controller will slow the axis to stop in the given time frame. This time frame can be adjusted to fit the needs of your application. You can change the STOP and ESTOP time through RapidCode (shown in the sample application below) or under the “Settling Criteria” tab in RapidSetup (shown directly below).

Deceleration Rates

When a RSIAction*MODIFY* (RSIActionE_STOP_MODIFY_ABORT, RSIAction_E_STOP_MODIFY, RSIActionTRIGGERED_MODIFY) the motion controller will slow the axis to a stop with a specified deceleration rate and percent jerk. You can change the EStopDeceleration, TriggeredModifyDeceleration, EstopJerkPercent, and TriggeredModifyJerkPercent through RapidCode.
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