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(?) FAQ

  1. Can you overwrite a motion command that is in progress? Yes, point-to-point motion commands can be overwritten on-the-fly.

  2. Can you blend a point to point move with a velocity move? Yes, you can command a Move.Trapezoidal() with a specified final velocity so that you can ensure at the time the axis gets to its target position, it will be moving at the specified velocity.

  3. How do you know when a move has been completed? You can use Axis.MotionDoneWait() or Axis.MotionDoneGet() methods to wait until or check if motion is complete. Both methods check the status bit of RSIEventTypeMOTION_DONE. See our Settling topic for more information.

  4. Can you pause, and then later resume a motion that is in progress? If you call Axis.Stop() or MultiAxis.Stop() during motion, the axes will stop according to the specified stop time. Then you can either clear the previous motion command by calling ClearFaults() or you can resume the motion using Resume().

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