A scripting language based on RapidCode API that enables OEMs to easily program the entire machine program or sub-routines using RMP Motion Controller into the RTOS to achieve real-time performance.

RapidSequencer is an interpreted runtime feature. We offer two variations of this feature:

  • RapidSequencerWin -> runs on Windows

  • RapidSequencerRT -> runs on the INtime RTOS

RapidSequencer is an API that gives developers the ability to start, compile, and run sequencer scripts. Where "sequencer scripts" (.sq files) are scripts programmed with our RapidScript (Jave-Styled) programming language.

RapidScript is the RapidCode for RapidSequencer. Learn more about RapidSequencer.

This API is offered as a .NET library (C#, etc) and also gRPC for clients. The RapidSequencer runs inside of a RapidServer.

📖 Glossary


RapidSequencer (or) RapidSequencer API

Refers to the software API that allows you to start, compile, and run sequencer scripts.

RapidScript (or) Sequencer Script

Refer to the scripting language that is use to create motion programs. This programs can be loaded, compiled, and ran using the RapidSequencer API or Sequencer IDE.

Sequencer IDE

Refers to the software integrated development environment (IDE) within RapidSetup tool. It allows you to write, compile, and run a sequencer files (.sq). OEMs can load a program with motion, IO, and math blocks that is executed in a real-time deterministic manner.


Refers to a particular instance that is running a motion program.

About RapidSequencer


API Documentation


RapidSequencer API Sample Apps (C#)


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Software Tool Documentation (RapidSequencer IDE)


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