RapidCut is an application used to control the paper cutting process.

An easy to use software for a cutting applications with high precision (real-time)

    It runs 6 axes with their specified gears ratios.
    It will cut paper in set dimension, counts the paper stacks (book) and change paper route according to a set book count.
    It allows you to jog any combination of the axes for initial setup.
    It can be switch between Panel mode: controlled by physical key switches, and HMI: controlled by touch screen.
    Moreover, it also allows you to configure paper/sheet size, punch offset, paper route and save them as a recipe.

Top Bar

    Save Button allows you to save the recipe of sheet size and sheet counts per stack.
    Load Button allows you to load the previously saved recipe.
    STATUS represents a current state of program. (eg. Moving, Jogging, Error and etc.)

Bottom Bar

    CLEAR FAULTS Button clears drive faults in current state.
    STOP Button stops and aborts all motors. (slow down motor and stop)
    E-STOP Button Estop and aborts all motors. (quick stop/ immediate stop)

Hamburger Menu

    Check For Updates checks new version has been updated in the cloud. (If new version exists, clicks "OK". It will download new version, replace the old one with a new one and starts new application automatically. )
    Exit Application allows you to exit Application.
    Version represents Application's current version number
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