1. Customer Registration

To download our license you will need a Google account. If your company already uses G Suite or another google based email address you can simply use that email address. Otherwise you will need to create a new google account.‌

If you are the first person at your company to use our services, please make sure you have a Google authenticated email account for your company (Example is [email protected]).

Please create a generic and shareable Google email account so that everyone in the company can access to download RMP run-time licenses in future.

Once you have a google account please your contact at RSI know or email the address to [email protected]

A Google email account is required to download RMP EtherCAT motion controller run-time license during the installation process (STEP 4. Licencing).

Once you have created a Google account and shared it with RSI please continue to the next step: 2. INstall and Configure INtime (Real Time OS)

RSI will add the licenses to portal based on provided email address and purchase order.