Select RSI Folder allows you to select the directory which contains all the RapidCode files: RSI.dll, rsi.lic, etc.
    Open RSI Folder allows you to open the directory which contains all the RapidCode files: RSI.dll, rsi.lic, etc.
    Save Memory Dump to File allows you to save your RMP controller's memory to a file. Use DumpDiff.exe to compare memory dumps.
    Exit will close the RapidSetup application.


    Refresh will allow you to initialize the RMP MotionController and refresh the view of RapidSetup.
    Software Exception Messages will open the error message window.
    Show Network Timing will open a GUI that you can use to measure network packet timing.
    Expert Mode enables multiple different fields within RapidSetup such as:
      Tuning Tab on Axis Page
      Start Network to Preoperational Button on RMP MotionController Page
      Setting Command Position and Origin Position on Axis Page
      Opening RSI Folder on File menu item


    VM3 is a GUI designed for advanced users to view RMP firmware memory directly.
    MotionScope is a GUI that allows you to record and display up to 32 traces.
    Network Data is a RapidSetup window that allows you to obsersve the exchanged network PDO inputs and outputs.
    RapidWorkbench is a GUI created by Kollmorgen to configure their AKD drives.


    Start allows you to start your INtime nodeA/nic connection.
    Stop allows you to stop your INtime nodeA/nic connection.
    Restart allows you to restart your INtime nodeA/nic connection.


    Documentation will open our RapidSetup online user manual.
    Send us an email will allow you to contact us for any questions or concerns.
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