Network Data
This screen allows you to see what type of information is being exchanged cyclically by the EtherCAT Master.
Learn more about PDOs here.

Every PDO Entry will have:

    Index PDO Entry identifier assigned by our RMP. (Refer to this page to see how you can use indexes to access PDO information)
    Name represents the name used to identify the PDO.
    BitSize represents size of the PDO.
    BitOffset represents the location within the data-gram.
    Value represents the value that the PDO carries.

PDO Outputs also have:

    Override Checkbox if checked, the override value will be cyclically passed to your output address/PDO. If unchecked, you can let our RMP passed the default value.
    Override Value is the value that gets sent cyclically to the PDO if and only if the Override Checkbox is checked.
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