3D Render
Create a 3D render of your G-Code file
    Clear Path Points: delete all of the current path points
    Toggle Path Points: toggle the current path points between visible and invisible
    Toggle Render: toggle the current render between visible and invisible
    Generate Render: create a render based on the G-Code file and configuration tab
    Generate Bounds: create a bounding box based on the X, Y, and Z axes' software limits
    Reset Camera: reset the camera back to the default position
    Toggle Camera: toggle camera between perspective and orthographic
    Toggle Size: either expands or shrinks the 3D render window
Change your settings and configuration to the correct values before attempting to create a 3D render.
View a 3D render of your G-Code file inside of your bounding box
After creating a 3D render one can watch points plot in real time. The box represents the current location of your machine. The red points represent where your machine has gone while your G-Code file is running.
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