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Table of Content

RMP - EtherCAT Motion Controller

RMP or 'RapidMotionProcessor' is our product code for the RDK (Rapid Development Kit) as a whole. It includes the RapidCode API, RapidSetup Tool, and some other software tools.
RMP is an open, powerful, and economical PC-based EtherCAT soft motion controller for OEM machine builders. The RapidCode API allows developers to quickly create machine control applications in C++, C#, or VB.
  • Getting Started - Install, configure, and learn the basics of our motion controller.
  • Features - these are extended RMP features that require special documentation.
  • Software APIs - use these APIs to access the RMP Motion Controller.
    • RapidCode API - Our powerful and intuitive Application Programming Interface (API) that allows developers to quickly create machine control applications in C++, C#, or VB.Net.
    • RapidSequencer API - use our proprietary scripting language to easily program the entire machine program or sub-routines using RMP Motion Controller into the RTOS to achieve real-time deterministic performance.
  • Software Tools - these tools can be used to troubleshoot, diagnose, and/or configure the RMP.
    • RapidSetup - Our easy-to-use utility for configuration, homing, tuning, commanding motion, and troubleshooting.
  • Other
    • FAQ - Explore some of the most commonly asked questions.

Customer Tools

  • Learn to use our customer portal. The license portal currently supports downloading licenses and software tools.


  • Sample UI
    Explore some of the user interfaces the RSI has created. Your application could look similar to this. Ask RSI how you can create beautiful and intuitive applications that use one of our motion controllers.

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