1. Install INtime Distributed


  1. You must already have INtime with a dev license on a Windows PC.

  2. eRMP Requires an INtime distributed license to run.

Create a Bootable USB installer

  1. Navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\INtime\rtos

2. Right-click create_installstick.bat and run as administrator

3. In the terminal that appears enter the drive letter of your USB stick followed by a colon

4. Once the program successfully script completes you should set the renamed drive as follows.

5. Insert the USB into the PC you wish to install INtime distributed on and set the BIOS to boot to the USB via UEFI

6. Configure your INtime distributed installation

Critical steps in Bold

  • Keyboard Configuration

    • 0 = United States

  • Disk Partition and Format

    • 0 = Select the first available disk

  • Do you wish to repartition the drive [y/n]?

    • y = Yes

  • Would you like to use the entire disk [y/n]?

    • y = Yes

  • Proceed (With Disk Format) [y/n]?

    • y = Yes

  • Proceed (With Software Instalation) [y/n]?

    • y = Yes

  • Accept default timezone [y/n]?

    • y = Yes (0ptoinal)

  • Is your BIOS clock kept in local time [y/n]?

    • y = Yes (Optional)

  • Is the time correct [y/n]?

    • n = No (Optional)

  • Enter mm/dd/yyyy

    • currentMonth/currentDay/currentYear

  • Is the time correct [y/n]?

    • y = Yes

  • Select network interface for installation:

    • 2 = the third NIC (DO NOT SELECT 0/first NIC it will be used be EtherCAT)

  • Proceed [y/n]?

    • y = Yes

  • Configureg Interface ielg2 DHCP [y/n]?

    • y = Yes

  • Host Name :

    • 'eRMP'

  • Proceed [y/n]?

    • y = Yes

  • Enter the IP Address of your SDK system:

    • 'xxx.xxx.xx.xx' Check your the ip address of your Windows PC using 'ipconfig -all'

  • Set Administrator Password Proceed [y/n]:

    • n = No (Optional, no will result in password set as empty string)

  • Ready to start installation... Proceed [y/n]?

    • y = yes

7. Allow the system to reboot

8. On the host PC run C:\Program Files (x86)\INtime\bin\tetherserver.exe

9. Verify Connection to the eRMP

You should be able to see the eRMP node in INtimeConfigurator -> NodeManagement

10. Configure your node

11. Make sure the INtime development environment for Visual Studio has been installed.

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