First Time Opened

When you connect the RapidValve GUI to the AKD BASIC Drive for the first time you will have to configure your Poppet Valve.

NOTE: PLEASE make sure you are connected at all times during these next steps.

Checking Valve Configuration

  • Click Check if Valve is Configured

  • When you click on this, the RapidValve GUI is going to check if a valve has been configured before.

    • If the valve has been configured it will load the valve’s information on the screen.

    • If the valve has not been configured, which is typically the case when the RapidValve GUI has never been opened before. You will have to set up a new valve.

Setting Up a New Valve

Two options to start setup of New Valve

  • You can click Yes on the message box below after checking if Valve is configured:

  • Or you can click on Setup New Valve

  • Now the NEW VALVE WIZARD window should pop up.

  • Read the information on the window and click NEXT

  • In Page 1 choose your valve name and record your valve serial number and your actuator serial number

  • In Page 2 select your valve size

  • In Page 3 select the prefill percentage (%). This will set the valve’s prefill position at a (%) away from the valve’s close position.

  • In Page 4 when ready HOME the valve.

NOTE: When you click HOME the system/valve is going to look for its origin/home position and its destination/target position. When the valve is open, it is at its home position and when the valve is closed, it is at its target position.

  • Once you have clicked HOME, you should see something similar to this.

NOTE: Clicking ABORT will stop the system. You will be required to start the set up a new valve process again.

  • Once HOMING is completed you will see that some attributes of your valve will be displayed.

  • Finally, click FINISH.

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