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Page: IO

View and change the state of your inputs and outputs.
A new Network IO screen has been added to RapidSetup. Please stop renaming IO here and instead rename your IO in the new screen.
IO Screen


Renaming Labels
Hover & click on top of the desired IO to edit the label.
Saving to XML
Happens automatically every time a label is renamed. IO Labels are saved to an XML file located in the C:\RSI\X.X.X Folder.
Setting Digital Outputs
Click the LED icon or select one or multiple outputs and then click on the LOW or HIGH button.
Setting Analog Outputs
Click the desired analog output value field and enter a value.
Note: All IO labels get stored in an XML file (Node_X_IO_Labels.xml) inside of your RSI folder. Every time a label name is updated, the XML file gets updated. It is important to know that if the topology changes, then RapidSetup will create a new file and rename the old one (Node_X_IO_Labels_Old_xxxx_xx_xx+xx+xx+xx.xml).
Last modified 7mo ago