Main Menu

The Main Menu is the 2nd highest-level taskbar of the RapidValve GUI. It provides three menu items and the status of the system.

File Menu Item

  • The File Menu Item consists of two different functionalities:

    • Load Valve from File

    • Save Valve to File

  • Load Valve from File

    • This allows you to load a previous saved valve configuration.

    • It is useful when you have multiple valves and you don’t want to go through the process of creating a new valve every time.

  • Save Valve to File

    • This allows you to save your current valve configuration.

    • It will save your six motion profiles, prefill position, force, name, serial numbers, valve size, etc.

Valve Menu Item

  • The Valve Menu Item consists of one functionality:

    • Info

  • Info

    • This allows you to see some of the system’s valve attributes currently stored in the drive.

Help Menu Item

  • The Help Menu Item consists of one functionality:

    • Contact Us

  • Contact Us

    • We have included our contact information so you can reach out to us if you encounter an issue that has not been answered in the documentation.

Warning Zone

  • The Warning Zone displays message errors, please make sure to read the message carefully.

GUI Status

  • The GUI Status notifies the user/operator if the RapidValve GUI is CONNECTED to the AKD BASIC Drive or DISCONNECTED from the AKD BASIC Drive.

NOTE: You should always be CONNECTED if you wish to communicate with your poppet valve.

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