🔵RMP Windows: Get started with Python

Contact tech@roboticsys.com if you need support for a specific Python version.

  1. Install a compatible version of Python. https://www.python.org/downloads/windows/ Currently, Only Python 3.10.X is supported.

  2. Uninstall other Python versions (optional but recommended) If newer incompatible Python versions are installed you will have to manage which Python version you are launching RapidCode Python programs with.

  3. Check your Python version

    py --version
  4. Install Numpy dependency

    pip install numpy

    https://numpy.org/install/ (This common math module is used when converting between Python and C++ array method parameters)

  5. Run one of the sample apps that come pre-installed. Navigate to C:\RSI\10.X.X\examples\python

  6. Launch a terminal in this directory

  7. Execute py HelloRapidCode.py

For your own projects be sure to include critical directories.

#Import the ntx.dll from INtime
os.add_dll_directory("c:\\Program Files (x86)\\INtime\\bin")#ntx.dll
#Import the RapidCode.py file (Path to your rapidcode install directory)

See Sample App page for more details:

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