Analytics Tab

The Analytics Tab is the 3rd tab item of the tab control section. Here you can see the total number of cycles that the valve has been through, any present warnings or faults in the drive, as well as checking the AKD BASIC Drive’s fault history.

Cycle Counter

  • The Cycle Counter keep a count of the amount of times your valve has traveled all the way to Origin/Open Position and back to Target/Close Position.

    • This label is not editable and should only be used to analyze the performance of your valve over time.

Drive Warning & Drive Faults

  • This area notifies the user/operator about any current warnings and faults in the system.

    • It can be anything from Bus Over Voltage (When bus voltage is too high) to Output Over Current (When current exceeds drive peak).

  • Please make sure to read these warnings/faults carefully.

    • If you are unsure on what to do when a warning/fault is present.

    • Open Kollmorgen WorkBench, click on the Help tab, click on Documentation, then click on AKD.

    • Here you can search for warnings/faults, look at their causes, and look at their remedies.

  • Click on Show Fault History to check the AKD BASIC Drive’s Fault History.

Fault History

  • This area shows the Fault History of your AKD BASIC Drive.

  • Click Show Drive Faults & Drive Warnings to go back to the Drive Warnings & Drive Faults Window.

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