Ⓜ️Phantom Axes

What are Phantom Axes?

Phantom axes are virtual axes, they allow you to test your code while the network is unavailable or if your application uses more axes than you have available.

Why use Phantom Axes?

Phantom axes allow you to test applications offline or use more axes than are actually available on your network. You can add an arbitrary number of phantom axes to your network. Phantom axes can be added through RapidCode (as demonstrated in the sample app below) or through RapidSetup (shown directly below).

Increasing the number in the β€œAxis Count” box will create phantom axes. Add the number of phantom axes you want to the number of axes already on the network (e.g., if there were two axes on the network and you wanted one phantom axis, you would put 3 in the Axis Count box) and type that number in the box. Hit enter and RapidSetup will restart with the appropriate number of phantom axes.

The actual position of a phantom axis will remain at 0 given a command.

Motion commanded on an Phantom Axis will emulate the settling behavior of a real axis. Here is a Motion Scope Plot of a Phantom axis

Be careful when transitioning between real axes and phantom axes. Some settings may need to be adjusted for your application to function properly when moving from one to the other.

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