Settings Tab

The Settings Tab is the 4th tab item of the tab control section. Here you can edit the name of your valve, change the prefill position of your valve, and decide whether you want to open or close your valve in case of power loss. In this tab, you can also see the stroke of your valve and the force that its being used to move the valve.

Valve ID

  • The Valve ID is the name of your valve.

    • If you wish to change it all you should do is insert a new ID in the Valve ID box and click Save to Drive.

      • To make sure if it was saved, go to RapidValve’s Valve Menu Item

NOTE: Make sure to use unique Valve IDs. If you have multiple valves, make sure you never use the same one twice.

Open Valve on Power Loss

  • An Unchecked box means that if the AKD BASIC Drive loses power, the valve will stay on its current position.

  • A Checked box means that if the AKD BASIC Drive loses power, the AKD Drive will use the remaining power stored in the buffer module to command the valve to move to its Open/Origin position.

Prefill Position

  • Prefill Position is used to indicate the location where you want to stop our valve when you command a prefill motion.

    • The prefill location can be set to a distance of 9% to 20% of the total stroke away from Close/Target position.

  • Once you have selected your desired prefill position you must click Save to Drive to update the prefill position in the AKD BASIC Drive.

Stroke & Force Limit

  • Stroke: The Stroke is the total length traveled from Open/Origin position to Close/Target position.

    • This is measured during homing, and cannot be edited.

    • The unit of stroke is inches.

  • Force Limit: The Force Limit represent the total amount of pounds (lbs) the motor is using to move the valve.

    • This changes depending on the size of the valve, and cannot be edited.

    • The force is related to the amount of current the AKD BASIC Drive gives to the motor.

    • The unit of Force is lbs.

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