Up & Running

In this Chapter, you will learn how to run the RapidValve GUI and how to connect the RapidValve GUI to the AKD BASIC Drive.

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GUI = Graphical User Interface

Opening RapidValve GUI

NOTE: These following steps are applicable for every RapidValve assembly version.

  • Open the Rapid Valve Folder.

Running RapidValve GUI

  • Open your RapidValve folder & double click on the RapidValve.exe file.

  • Once open you should see the following window.

Connecting to the Drive

  • Notice in the picture that the status is DISCONNECTED.

    • This means that there is currently no communication between the RapidValve GUI and the AKD BASIC Drive.

  • Click Connect and make sure the status changes to:

  • When the status is CONNECTED it means that the RapidValve GUI and the AKD BASIC Drive are sending information to each other and receiving information from each other.

NOTE: NOTHING will work if you are not CONNECTED to the Drive.

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