Rename your IO.

IO Table Tool Bar

(From Left to Right)

  • Load Button allows you to load/import a previously saved IO file.

  • Save Button allows you to save your IO nicknames to a file.

  • Clear All Button will clear all names from the IO table.

DO Table

  • Digital Output displays the digital output UI index.

  • Nickname allows you to name your Digital Output.

  • State displays whether the Digital Output is HIGH or LOW.

AO Table

  • Analog Output displays the analog output UI index.

  • Default allows you to specify the default value of your analog outputs. (Abort, Errors, and App start up will set to Default)

  • Painting allows you to specify the analog values that your program will use during motion.

  • Actual Value displays the real time/current value the analog outputs have.

Bottom Action Bar

  • Abort Button allows you to abort the selected/active Robot's current motion.

  • Abort All Button allows you to abort both Robots motion.

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