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3. RMP Licensing

Activate the RMP Runtime License

Important - RMP licenses are hardware-locked to a USB dongle. - Please make sure it is connected to the PC before continuing with this guide and/or activating your RMP license.
Requirement This Guide assumes you have completed previous guides to get the INtime Node running
  • Open (double click) RapidSetup from desktop or C:\RSI\x.x.x\
  • You will see a screen like this:
New RapidSetup
Old RapidSetup
1. Click copy button so the serial number (decimal value) is in your clipboard.
2. Follow the link to the customer portal and click any of the two Log in buttons.
3. Login with the account that RSI has authorized for your company.
4. Navigate to the customer/license portal by clicking on any of the arrow-pointed sections below:
5. Once you are in the new Licenses page, you should see your available POs as so:
This customer only contains 2 Purchase Orders in total with custom info.
6. Expand the desired PO you want to download a license for:
This particular PO only contains 1 PO Group. All 5 licenses in this PO Group will be identical.
7. To download a license, click on the download icon:
8. A pop up should appear, enter your RMP serial number, then click the Download button:
Feel free to enter some more extra info or a the Machine S/N where the license will run (not needed).
9. A file should download with its name being "RMP Serial Number".lic
10. To use, rename your license to rsi.lic, then move the file to the C:/RSI/X.X.X/ folder
1. If the RMP Licence is missing, a site like (Observe in image below) will automatically open.
2. Do one of the following to obtain a RMP runtime license file:
  • Login to the portal using your Google account and download a license based on the Serial number from the dialog box.
  • Copy the Serial number from the dialog box and email to [email protected].
3. Rename the license file generated to rsi.lic and copy to C:\RSI\x.x.x\
An alternate method for getting your serial number manually.
  1. 1.
    Get a Hex-SerialNumber from the card that was shipped with you pc (1A2B3 in this case).
2. Convert Hex-SerialNumber(1A2B3) to Decimal-SerialNumber(107187).
  • Open a calculator app and switched it to programmer mode.
  • Type in Hex-SerialNumber
  1. 1.
    Decimal-SerialNumber(107187) is the correct value to be downloaded from License Server.
  2. 2.
    Keep that number, you will need it later in Step 4. (to Enter Customer Serial#).
Next Steps
You have completed the installation process!
We recommend you now check out our Get started section.
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