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RapidSetupX is a comprehensive and intuitive tool designed for efficient RMP configuration, fine-tuning, and diagnostics.
Must have RapidServer running.
To be used with the following RMP variations:
  • RMP Windows
  • RMP Linux


RapidSetupX was built on the foundation of our established "RapidSetup" tool. With some minor different capabilities. It lets users diagnose, configure, and troubleshoot the RMP motion controller from across platforms, such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, and Mobile (coming soon).
RapidSetupX is a client application that allows you to connect to RMP RapidServer servers available in your network.

Available Actions

RapidSetupX | Main overview
How to
Open Settings
Click on the cog icon on the top right.
Open Logs
Click on the exclamation icon in the bottom left.
Collapse Navigation
Click on the chevron-left icon in the top left.
Open Watch Items
Click on the list-box icon on the top left. This is only enabled on certain pages. Watch items are related to the page you open.
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