An easy to use a motion control and a vision safety application for saw machine.

  • Rapid Saw is a safety application for saw machine.

  • It is a combination of motion control for saw machine and vision application for safety.

  • The main purpose of the application is to save the fingers from being cut and other potential fatal damage caused from using saw machine.

  • It uses a GIGE vision camera and a high performance vision algorithm to capture a green glove.

  • Digital output will be triggered in a real time manner(within milliseconds) when a green glove enters the inspecting region.

  • It includes other features such as luminosity detection, and camera calibration. Luminosity detection will prevent faulty environment such as not enough lighting in region or blocking camera view. Camera calibration prevents camera's off focus or camera out of position.

  • It saved all the histories of glove detection.

  • The application will stores 9 images: 4 before glove enters, trigger and 4 after glove enters.

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