Profiles Tab

This tab allows you to edit your six different motion profiles. It displays the current profile of every motion, a graphical representation of the velocity and position vs. time, and your system limit

The Profiles Tab is the 2nd tab item of the tab control section. In this tab, you can update your motion profiles in multiple ways to reach a desired behavior or time.


Select Valve

  • This box allows you to select one of your different configured valves.

NOTE: This version only supports having a single valve configured. In the future, we might allow the user/operator to see multiple valves from one application

Select Profile

  • This box allows you to select one of the 6 different motion profiles.

  • As you can observe in the image above, there are 6 different motions that can be edited. Each motion is unique and can be programmed to do whatever you want within the drive and motor’s capabilities or system limits.

NOTE: We recommend you click the Save to Drive button every time you select a new motion profile to assure that the current profile on the RapidValve GUI is the one loaded in the AKD BASIC Drive.

Profile Total Time

  • The Profile Total Time section is a way to display to the user an approximation of the time that it takes to complete the current selected motion profile. Each of the 6 different motion profiles has a unique time tide to it.

  • When a profile is updated you will see both – the Close Time and the New Close Time. The Close Time is the current time of the profile that resides on the drive, and the New Close Time is the new time that you get based on your new updated profile that has not been saved.

  • Your New Close Time becomes your Close Time once you save your new/updated profile to the AKD BASIC Drive.

System Limits

  • The System Limits section displays the current Maximum Speed, Maximum Acceleration, Maximum Deceleration, Minimum Acceleration, and Minimum Deceleration. These limits change based on the motor used to control the valve.

NOTE: The limits should be respected at all time if you wish to see your system perform correctly, always make sure that your selected speed and acceleration is between the system’s maximums and minimums.

Data Grid

  • The Data Grid is a table in the Open to Close and Close to Open motion profiles.

    • It allows you to completely change the motion profile of your valve.

    • By the editing the profile’s VELOCITY % and/or CLOSE % you can control the way your valve moves.

    • It allows you to find a desired/perfect motion profile.

  • TOTAL TIME: This column tells you the total time that it takes to get from the first segment to any other segment.

    • You can use this information to observe which moves take a longer time and which ones take a shorter time.

    • The total time will be computed based on your Close % and Velocity %. The units of this column is seconds.

    • This column is not editable.

  • CLOSE %: This column represents the position where you want to trigger a specific Velocity %.

    • You can only enter numbers from 0 to 100.

    • It is recommended that you follow a descending order in the Close to Open profile and an ascending order in the Open to Close profile.

    • It is possible to repeat Position % values on different segments if you keep the Velocity % repeated as well, this is useful when you wish to use less segments in your motion profiles.

    • This column is editable.

  • VELOCITY %: This column represents the velocity that will be used when the valve reaches a certain position/Close %.

    • You can only enter numbers from 0 to 100.

    • It is possible to repeat Velocity % values on different segments, this is useful when you wish to maintain a constant velocity for a period of time.

    • A Velocity % of 0 can only be used in the first segment used and in the last one used.

    • This column is editable

  • ACCELERATION: This column tells you the acceleration that it takes to get from one segment to the next one.

    • The acceleration is computed based on the segment’s velocity and the total distance between a segment and the next segment.

    • You must always make sure that the absolute value of your acceleration never exceeds the System Limit Max Acceleration and it is never lower than the System Limits Min Acceleration if you wish to see a working motion profile.

    • The units of this column is in/s2in/s^2

    • This column is not editable.

The Chart

  • The Chart is a graphical representation of the 10 profile segments.

    • The Chart will help you understand how the valve is behaving during a closing or opening motion.

  • The Chart is composed of two lines:

    • The blue line is the representation of the VELOCITY % column in your Data Grid and the red line is the representation of the CLOSE % column in your Data Grid.

  • When a value is updated in the Data Grid, the chart will show the update profile automatically unless an invalid input has been entered.

    • Invalid inputs are accelerations, velocities, and positions values that exceed their system limits max or min values.

  • In this image, you can see that the 2nd segment in the CLOSE % column was changed from 20 to 30. The Chart then automatically updated and is now showing how the updated profile would look. If you like how the new profile looks, click Save Profile to Valve and The Chart should display in bold lines the new updated profile only.

Prefill Profiles

  • When you select one of the 4 prefill motion profiles you will be presented with a window like this:

NOTE: The Prefill Profiles are similar to the Open/Close Profiles. The only difference is that the Open/Close Profiles contains 10 editable segments and the Prefill Profiles do not contain segments. The Prefill Profiles contain a speed, an acceleration, and a deceleration. The Chart in the Prefill Profiles is a representation of these three attributes.

  • Open to Prefill: Moving from Open/Origin to Prefill Position.

  • Close to Prefill: Moving from Close/Target to Prefill Position.

  • Prefill to Open: Moving from Prefill Position to Close/Target.

  • Prefill to Close: Moving from Prefill Position to Close/Target.

  • The Prefill Speed, Prefill Acceleration, and Prefill Deceleration can only have values from 1 to 100.

    • The values you enter are all in terms of percentage.

    • For example, entering 100 in the Prefill Speed box means that you want to use 100 % of the System Limit Max Speed.

  • You can always change Prefill Profile Attributes. Just make sure to click Save Profile to Valve if you which to use the updated inputted values.

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