Spin an Axis

This guide outlines settings you’ll need to configure to setup a motion profile and command motion from RapidSetup.

Setting Up an Axis

1. Open the “Motion” Tab
Motion Tab in RapidSetup
2. Set the “Counts per Unit” so that you are working in whatever units you prefer. (See Calculate Counts per Unit)
If you have a free spinning motor, It is easy to set User Units so you are working in Revs.
3. Open RapidSetup.
4. Set your Motion Parameters for a move that makes sense for your system.
  • Velocity 10 rev/s
  • Acceleration 100 rev/s2
  • Deceleration 100 rev/s2
  • Position 1 0 revolutions
  • Position 2 10 revolutions
5. Select which type of motion you’d like to command by selecting either Absolute, Relative, or Velocity under the motion profile section.
6. Clear the Faults and Enable the Axis.

Command Motion

Assuming the motor is tuned by the drive and your Axis has been enabled, you can start commanding motion. Use these three arrows to move the motor back and forth.

RapidSetup Example

Simple Motion with RapidSetup