IO Page allows you to view the state of your inputs and outputs and change the state of your outputs
Rename and set your IO within this friendly interface.
  • Rename IO by simply clicking on top of the IO label you would like to rename.
  • Save to XML happens automatically every time a label is renamed. IO Labels are saved to an XML file located in the C:\RSI\X.X.X Folder.
  • Set Digital Outputs by simply selecting one or multiple outputs and then clicking on the LOW or HIGH button.
  • Set Analog Outputs by simply clicking the desired analog output value field and entering a value.
Note: All IO labels get stored in an XML file (Node_X_IO_Labels.xml) inside of your RSI folder. Every time a label name is updated, the XML file gets updated. It is important to know that if the topology changes, then RapidSetup will create a new file and rename the old one (Node_X_IO_Labels_Old_xxxx_xx_xx+xx+xx+xx.xml).
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