Match a RFID tag to a recipe and run your program.

Program Table Tool Bar

(From left to right)
  • Load Button allows you to load/import a previously saved Program file.
  • Save Button allows you to save your Program to a file.
  • Selected Recipe Action Label displays the current selected program rfid ID in the Program Table.
  • Plus Button allows you to add a new program rfid.
  • Delete Button allows you to delete a selected program rfid.
  • Clear All Button will clear all program rfids from the Program Table.
NOTE: You must save your points and recipe before creating a program.

Program Table

(From left to right)
  • ID displays the index of the program rfid in regards to the Program Table.
  • RFID TAG allows you to specify the tag that will trigger the selected recipe when scanned.
  • RECIPE allows you to specify the recipe that will run when the specified rfid tag has been scanned.

Bottom Action Bar

  • Abort Button allows you to abort the selected/active Robot's current motion.
  • Run Program Button allows you to run the current Program. (The program will run indefinitely unless an abort is triggered/clicked)
  • Abort All Button allows you to abort both Robots motion.
Last modified 3yr ago