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Joystick Control

An essential part of a machine is to jog the machine in various directions using constant or varying speed (based on how much the Joystick lever is pressed).
Our software tool - RapidSetup, allows a user to jog an axis through various means. One way to jog is through the axis screen. An alternate way is to jog an axis using our XBox controller functionality (see section below).
Instead of relying on RSI’s software tool, a user might want to incorporate a physical joystick to their machine for ease of use. Below you can find a sample application that allows a user to feed in signal into an Analog Input and based on the value, control the direction and speed of an axis.
Our sample app (below) incorporates a Beckhoff Analog Input module. However a user can use another Analog Input hardware to bring data into EtherCAT network. Some servo drives have Analog Inputs that can used for this functionality.

Controlling an Axis Using an Xbox Controller.

By using our RapidCode API and the Microsoft.Xna.Framework you can command axes motion with an xbox controller (we use a xbox 360 controller).
What do you need:
Once you have the controller connected to your PC all you have to do is open RapidSetup > Tools > Xbox 360 Controller Jogging. Then attach the controller thumb-sticks to a desired axis number.
Observe the video here.
Make sure your user units are set, your axes are enabled, and your axes` limits and actions such as Position Error is set.
Last modified 1yr ago