Registration & Installation
A step by step guide for getting started with RMP


RDK Includes:
    The INtime motion firmware.
    The RapidCode API Libraries.
    All of our powerful software tools including RapidSetup, MotionScope, and VM3.


‌To download our license you will need a Google account. If your company already uses G Suite or another google based email address you can simply use that email address. Otherwise you will need to create a new google account.‌
To download the license go to our License Manager page and login with your google account in the top right corner. Move the rsi.lic file to the main folder of your RMP installation (C://RSI/X.X.X).RSI License


‌The best way to get technical support is to use our community forum. Here you can ask question any questions you may have and the engineer most knowledgeable on the topic will get back to you promptly. You can also see brows other customers questions to see if the answer is already out there. If you need to ask your question in an non-public setting you can also email ([email protected]).CommunityA place for quick support on RSI motion


‌To learn about the classes and functions in our API and to see example code vist our API page.
For more more in depth explications of the features available to you with our API visit our topics page. Links to relevant example code can be found at the bottom of many topic pages.


‌To install all the required software and learn how to start your first Rapid Code Project please follow the steps laid out on the next page.


There are a total of 2 installation files that need to be provided by RSI:
    INtime Runtime Installer (Size: 186 MB)
    RDK Installer (Size: 32.8 MB)

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